De Winter Logistics Lowers Emissions Footprint with Volvo FH LNG ecocombi

| The Netherlands: Amsterdam | Source: Volvo Netherlands

De Winter Logistics Volvo FH Ecocombi LNG De Winter Logistics from Honselersdijk, a town in the Dutch province of South Holland, has acquired a Volvo FH 460 6×2 box truck with dolly and trailer, powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The LHV combination is used for the conditioned transport of floricultural products between branches in the Netherlands and Germany. The truck was delivered by Volvo Group Truck Center.

“With this truck, we are going to drive about a thousand kilometres a day, from six locations in North and South Holland and one in Germany, and our starting point is to do this as sustainably as possible,” says director Eric De Winter. “That’s why we opted for a Volvo LNG truck: a sustainable solution to transport as much trade as possible at the lowest possible CO2 footprint. The combination of LNG and LHV reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40%. The ecocombi drives in a day and night shift and then goes up and down to Germany twice. Thanks to its length of 25.25 metres, we can save the transport movement of one combination per day. So this is a very sustainable LHV combination.”

De Winter Logistics Volvo FH Ecocombi LNG

“A few years ago, we started using a number of Volvo FM Dual-Fuel LNG trucks and throughout our operations we are working to make logistics as smart as possible”, added De Winter.

Expanding Refuelling Network

De Winter notes that the network of LNG filling stations is also becoming increasingly extensive, making it easier and more attractive to drive LNG trucks. An additional advantage is that no Maut* has to be paid for LNG trucks in Germany. On its daily route, De Winter Logistics has two LNG filling stations within easy reach, one at Den Hoorn and the other in Venlo. These refuelling locations are owned by PitPoint.LNG, an international supplier of clean fuels. Both companies have been working together for some time. Until a few years ago, De Winter Logistics operated a mobile LNG filling station.

De Winter Logistics Volvo FH Ecocombi LNG refuelled by PitPoint

“De Winter is a pioneer in the field of alternative fuels,” says Joost de Ruijter, business development manager of PitPoint.LNG. “De Winter was ahead of its time with Volvo Dual Fuel LNG trucks and the filling station. It’s great that they are now taking another step with this LHV on LNG.”

Active Safety
In addition to sustainability, De Winter Logistics also attaches great importance to safety. The Volvo FH LNG is equipped with the Active Safety package with Forward Collision Warning with emergency brake function, Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Alert Support and Lane Change Support. “Our people need to be able to work safely,” says De Winter.

* Germany’s LKW-Maut is a toll for goods vehicles based on the distance driven in kilometres, the emission category of the vehicle and the number of axles.

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