Daughter CNG Station Line Developed in USA

| USA, Houston TX

CNG Source, a U.S. provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions for fueling stations, has launched a line of daughter stations branded ‘Conqueror’. This solution harnesses the latest technologies to facilitate CNG infrastructure deployment in areas where gas pipelines are not available. The stations take only a few hours to set up and are expected to stimulate country-wide adoption of CNG.

“The Conqueror family features a number of key advantages, including a modular design ready for expansion with master/slave configurations as well as integrated programmable priority panels,” said Karim Bousfiha, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for CNG Source, who added the units are paired with Triumph dispensers

The Conqueror fulfils the demands of the natural gas market for solutions that enable the quick deployment of a safe and reliable infrastructure and allow investors to target geographical areas unreachable by typical pipeline-dependent solutions.

“Solutions like Conqueror are even more critical for investors in countries like Mexico where the pipeline coverage is below 30 percent even for most of the largest cities,” Bousfiha said.

The company’s new family of products now range from the basic electrical unit with storage and two dispensers to the more advanced autonomous gas-driven units which have the added advantage of recycling a portion of the engine’s heat into energy for the decanting and heating process.

“As with most of CNG Source’s equipment, the lowest cost of operation is a priority,” Daniel Lubs, Vice President of Engineering and Production, said. “The Conqueror unit is no exception as the interval between overhauls hits the 16,000 hours mark.”

The Conqueror is available to meet initial orders in the United States and Mexico. The line will later be offered worldwide through distributors specializing in high quality and low maintenance equipment for CNG stations and commercial fleets.

(Source: CNG Source)

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