GNVERT and Messer Partner to Deliver Filling Station Cryogenics

| France, Paris
La Courneuve LNG Station

Refueling at La Courneuve (image: Gaz Mobilité)

With the inauguration of the ENGIE station of La Courneuve, GNVERT, a subsidiary of ENGIE specializing in the distribution of alternative fuels, and Messer, an industrial gas manufacturer, announced a partnership for the joint development of green solutions intended for their customers in the refrigerated road transport segment.

Messer is offering a liquid nitrogen bunkering solution for HGVs, carriers and semi-tractor trailers at the new La Courneuve station. Growing demand is evident from vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane that are also equipped with cryogenic refrigeration units. Such cryogenic refrigeration units represent an alternative to diesel in an urban setting for professionals in this sector.

Philippe Van Deven, General Director of GNVERT, explains, “This partnership not only offers new opportunities for the development of alternative fuels in the refrigerated transport segment, but also increases productivity for our customers by making it possible to bunker natural gas fuel and liquid nitrogen at the same station.”

The partnership is already planning to include the model at several other ENGIE stations.

Supports continuity of cold chain supply

Liquid nitrogen-based cryogenic refrigeration units address the new demands of urban logistics, which involve an increasing number of deliveries in town centres (air and noise pollution). The liquid nitrogen produces a green and silent cold that emits neither particulates, nor NOx nor CO2. This makes it possible to reconcile night-time deliveries with respect of residents and the environment while guaranteeing the continuity of the cold chain.

The bio-CNG filling station at La Courneuve was opened by ENGIE together with French multinational retailer Carrefour earlier this month. By late 2017, a fleet of 200 Carrefour trucks will be driving on biomethane fuel. Carrefour says that will result in a 75 % reduction of CO2emissions and no more fine particle pollution.

Source: ENGIE

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