Crude Oil Road Tankers Converted to LNG in Sichuan

| China, Sichuan Province

In Nanchong, a prefecture-level city in the northeast of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Chuangang Gas Limited Company (of which Kunlun Energy Company Limited is the holding company) has collaborated with the Nanchong Transportation Department of Chuan Zhong Oil-Gas-Mining of South-West Oil and Gas on the modification work of liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles. Two diesel powered crude oil tankers were modified for dedicated LNG fuel operation.

It took twenty days to run road tests on different road sections and loading capacities for about 6,000 kilometers in total. After modification, the crude oil tankers powered by LNG demonstrated satisfactory power performance, economical efficiency, and stabilization. Kunlun says this symbolizes the successful modification of the first batch of LNG crude oil tankers domestically.

Prior to modification, each vehicle consumes 22 liters of diesel per kilometer. After modification, based on comprehensive tests on different roads and traveling speeds, each vehicle consumes only 24 cubic meters of natural gas per kilometer, which could save over 30% of diesel fuel in total.

Such successful modification of crude oil tankers bolstered the confidence of both parties in promoting the modification technology for LNG as single fuel. Based on such result, both parties plan to modify 60 LNG vehicles within the related oil industry businesses in Nanchong and Suining this year, targeting at aggressive promotion of the new LNG technology to trigger the effects driving by regional demonstration of LNG utilization.

(This article compiled using information from a Kunlun Energy press release)

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