Credit Suisse Recommends NGVs for Portfolio Acquisitions

 | Source: Affaritaliani

Credit Suisse, named in 2011 as the best private bank globally, has pointed investors’ eyes toward alternatives to oil, such as natural gas, recognising the shifts in energy demand and the emergence of natural gas technology within the transportation sector, reports Affaritaliani. The bank is reportedly recommending the purchase of securities linked to the production and distribution chain of natural gas vehicles (NGV), which are increasingly seen as reliable and a competitive alternative to diesel or gasoline cars and which have the advantage of having a smaller environmental impact.

They note that the discovery of new natural gas fields, especially in the U.S., could also reduce oil-dependence on regions experiencing continuous geopolitical tensions, again shifting focus to alternative fuel vehicles.

Broadly available proven technology and existing infrastructure means the industry could quickly record remarkable development, the bank says, citing projected growth of 15% per annum in NGV numbers by 2015. In 2010 NGVs accounted for 1% of registrations worldwide with 12.6 million cars sold. (NGV Global statistics – 12,681,067)

As for the securities in which to invest, according to Swiss experts investors should focus on manufacturers of engines, fuel tanks, gas infrastructure and gas stations, and on some vehicle manufacturers. A “shopping list” apparently reveals such OEMs as Canada’s Westport Innovations, US company Fuel Systems Solutions and Italy’s Landi Renzo. Clean Energy Fuels, Fiat, Volkswagen and Volvo are also mentioned.

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