Crazy Diamond Plans New Supercharged CNG Engine for Class 6 HDVs

| USA, Shelby Township MI
Torquemaster 6.9L engine

The Torquemaster 6.9L engine will soon be accompanied by a new 7.4L CNG engine,

American fuel system engineering and integration company Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. (CDP) has commenced development of a supercharged 7.4L Compressed natural Gas (CNG) Torquemaster engine that will stand alongside its naturally aspirated 6.9L stable mate. Both engines have been designed from the ground up for Heavy Duty applications up to class 6. The engine is based on the GM LS engine architecture.

Under initial chassis testing the Torquemaster 6.9L produced over 375 HP and 500 Ft/lbs torque (678 N·m), where maximum torque is generated by 2400 RPM. The 7.4L low boost version is expected to generate north of 650 Ft/lbs (881 N·m).

Engines are controlled by CDP’s GEM engine management harness/system, utilizing a current generation E-38 processor and is designed to be EMD+ and/or OBD compatible, “The 7.4L engine is a dual injector application, which is a bit different to what’s in the market currently,” states Kevin Fern president CDP, who fuels his own natural gas vehicles (NGVs) from home using a BRC Fuelmaker.

CDP’s internal engine components include forged crankshaft and connecting rods. The pistons are also forged, with a compression ratio of 10.2:1. The camshaft is a proprietary design, maximizing engine efficiency and performance in this low boost CNG application. The cylinder heads include lightweight stainless valves and hardened valve seats and are secured with (6) torque to spec bolts per cylinder.

CDP will begin its testing of the new 7.4L engine Q4 2014, saying its engine will suit School Bus and Chassis/Strip Chassis applications.

(Source: Crazy Diamond Performance)

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