Crazy Diamond Performance Gains EPA Approval for its Mono-Fuel CNG Cruze and Sonic

| USA, Shelby Township MI
Crazy Diamond mono-fuel Chevrolet Cruze CNG 2014-2015

MY 2014-2015 Cruze CNG by CDP

Crazy Diamond Performance (CDP) received U.S. EPA approval on two new mono-fuel small passenger vehicles, the CNG Chevrolet Cruze and CNG Chevrolet Sonic, in late October. These new mono-fuel CNG platforms are the first of a series of small and fuel efficient vehicles coming from CDP, where cost, low emissions and reduced fuel consumption is important for not only fleet owners, but to the general public as well.

“Soon to be available, are the 1.8L and 1.4L Cruze and Sonic CNG retrofit systems. These two vehicles represent a change in the status quo, with an OEM level integration of the fuel system and its components” states Michelle Fern, Executive Vice President CDP Inc.

These vehicles provide flexibility for fleets looking to purchase a domestic small mono-fuel passenger sedan, but have not had an option until now. There are significant emissions benefits over its gasoline counterpart, with an average reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of 25%. The Cruze and Sonic sedans feature 8.5 GGE fuel capacity for highway range of nearly 300 miles (483 kms).

(Crazy Diamond Performance)

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