CPGNV to Inaugurate Cylinder Testing Centre in Peru

| Peru, Lima | Source: andina

The Peruvian Chamber of Natural Gas Vehicles (CPGNV) will inaugurate a Center for Periodic Retesting of Cylinders (CRPC), where vehicles converted to natural gas and whose cylinders have reached or are about to complete five years of manufacture can undertake the five-year mandatory inspection and certification, according to an Andina report. The Center will become operational as soon as authorisation is received from the General Directorate of Road Traffic, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

A directive emitted by the MTC in 2005 establishes that the cylinders of vehicles converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) must be inspected every five years in order to maintain safety standards. Jorge Juárez Eyzaguirre, general manager of CPGNV, explained the rule says that, if the obligation to test and approve is not carried out, the CNG Load Control System chip shall lock automatically and the vehicle will be unable to refuel.

Once approved a certificate is issued extending approved use of a cylinder for a further five year period. CPGNV says the life of the cylinder, if you pass all five-year reviews, is about twenty years.

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