Cornerstone Sets up BioCNG Project

| USA, Middletown NY

Cornerstone BioCNG being refuelled from a trailer-mounted fast-fill unit.

Cornerstone Environmental Group, a US engineering consulting and field service company, has developed a patent-pending biogas conditioning system to economically produce biogas-based fuel to power compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Their first full scale project, at Rodefeld Landfill, in Dane County, Wisconsin, began operations in March 2011. The landfill’s BioCNG vehicle fueling station will operate in conjunction with an existing landfill gas electrical generation system. The BioCNG system will fuel site vehicles, with the potential to expand to supply fuel to waste trucks and other county vehicles.

The basic BioCNG system uses 20 to 200 scfm of biogas to produce 100 to 1,000 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of BioCNG per day and can be expanded if necessary. The cost of installing a BioCNG system depends upon actual site conditions, but is expected to be substantially less than earlier systems developed to convert biogas to CNG vehicle fuel.

BioCNG uses biogas from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural and food waste digesters. The system can be expanded, or natural gas can be added to form a blended BioCNG/natural gas fuel.

This item compiled using information from a Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC press release.

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