Containerships’ First LNG-fueled Vessel Launched

| Finland, Espoo

Containerships Nord at the Wenchong outfitting quayLaunching of Containerships’ first LNG-fuelled container vessel was completed on November 4. M/S Containerships Nord was successfully launched during high tide at Wenchong Shipyard Co.,Ltd in Guangzhou, the port city north-west of Hong Kong. 

The vessel has now entered the outfitting phase. The main engine factory acceptance was completed on September, and the LNG tanks have been accepted and are ready to be installed on the shipyard.

Launching of the first LNG-fuelled vessel was followed by the keel laying of the second vessel, which is now being built up on the slipway.  The block production for the second vessel is nearly completed and 148 blocks have been accepted. The main engine testing is planned for end of November.

All four Containerships’ new-built LNG-fuelled vessels are on production. Steel cutting of the third vessel commenced on May and steel cutting of the fourth vessel in September.

In 2018, Containerships will have the total of four new LNG-fuelled vessels in operation on the Baltics and North Sea. The first vessel is expected to start sailing during the first half of 2018 depending of completion of sea trials.

Source: HQ Containerships PLC

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