Container Feeder Vessel Design Incorporates Future LNG Fuel

| Denmark, Elsinore

Knud E Hansen ECX-3800 Container LNG Conversion DesignDanish marine architect Knud E. Hansen A/S, based in Elsinore, has been developing a number of pioneering container feeder vessel designs. Of interest to the natural gas for transportation market is the 3800 TEU capacity design which features in-built accommodation for future conversion to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel. 

Unlike most feeder vessels, the deckhouse of this vessel is positioned slightly forward of amidships to maximize the number of container slots on deck considering the IMO requirements to the line of vision from the bridge. The added number of slots can be utilized in real-life loading conditions because the vessel is wider and has a higher stability than most feeder vessels of this size.

Knud E Hansen ECX-3800 Container LNG Conversion Design 3800 TEU Container Vessel Apr2016

3800 TEU Container Vessel – preparation for dual-fuel: A: Fuel tanks arranged below the deck house B: Converted for dual-fuel – Membrane LNG tanks installed in former HFO tanks C: Prefabricated tri-lobe C-type LNG tank installed in former HFO tanks

This arrangement has additional benefits, explains Jesper Kanstrup, Senior Naval Architect: “This prepares the vessel for LNG and dual-fuel propulsion – attributes that are becoming increasingly sought after. Here, we have a square block below the deckhouse, in which we can either have HFO tanks or LNG tanks. What’s more, the vessel can be built with HFO tanks and easily retrofitted for LNG the day the infrastructure for LNG is sufficiently developed if a dual-fuel engine is installed in the first place.”

The design is being developed in consultation with DNVGL with the aim to achieve an Approval in Principle; something which Mr. Kanstrup says will help make the design easier to market.



(Source: Knud E. Hansen A/S)


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