Construction of Containerships’ Four LNG Vessels Underway

| Finland, Helsinki
Containerships’ NH5510-on-slipway

Containerships’ first LNG fuelled vessel on the slipway

Containerships is making headway on the building of the four Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuelled container vessels, all scheduled to enter operations in 2018. Construction is taking place at Wenchong Shipyard, Guangzhou.

For the first vessel, two double bottom blocks are already under erection on slipway. In addition, six blocks have been painted and over 80 blocks are accepted. Over 60 blocks for the first vessel are under construction. Two blocks of the second vessel have been accepted, and almost 50 are under construction. Steel cutting of the third vessel also started on May 2017.

Launching of the first vessel is scheduled for September, followed by the keel laying of the second vessel on the same slipway.

The Company is investing more than EUR 150 million (USD 170m) to build a logistics chain entirely based on LNG. Containerships was granted funding of EUR 16.9 million by the European Union. Additionally, the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) decided to invest EUR 5 million in supporting the Company’s environmental strategy in the Baltic Sea region.

(Source: Containerships)

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