Compac Implements IFSF Protocol

| New Zealand

Compac Industries, a New Zealand-based manufacturer of fuel pumps, dispensers and unattended fuel management systems, recently implemented the IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) protocol for it’s CNG and LNG dispensers. Having had the circuitry in place for a few years, the protocol implementation provides a standard interface to different POS systems: this standard enables Compac CNG and LNG dispensers to be placed on forecourts alongside equipment from other suppliers.

With the initial software development taking a few months, the project is ongoing. Compac has the intention to fully certify a European spec 2 hose CNG dispenser on the IFSF protocol. While the IFSF certification is not mandatory, the protocol is now available as an option in Compac CNG and LNG dispensers.

Compac’s first deployment of the IFSF protocol has been successfully running at a LNG refuelling site in Sweden. The next application will be part of the production of the new Compac EFTPOS UPT module, due for production towards the second half of 2011. The protocol will allow for the integration of Compac’s EPTPOS/pay at pump systems to the next generation of POS systems, expected to start appearing soon in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Compac is an IFSF technical associate.

Item compiled using information from a Compac Industries press release.

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