Colorado Accelerates NGV Program

| USA, Denver CO

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s Congestion, Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program will provide $30 million to increase Colorado’s natural gas fueling infrastructure. Announced by Gov. John Hickenlooper, the funds will provide for the statewide construction of compressed natural gas fueling stations and the purchase of natural gas vehicles (NGV).

Early December, the Colorado Energy Office led an agreement among 29 large fleet owners including local governments, private sector companies, other public entities and members of the natural gas industry. These organizations committed to help accelerate the deployment of NGVs and a fueling station infrastructure to increase the use of a cleaner, domestic resource that diversifies Colorado’s transportation fuels.

“These stations will help ensure an NGV owner can drive nearly anywhere across the state fueled by Colorado-produced gas,” Hickenlooper said.

The CMAQ funds will help with the construction of as many as 30 compressed natural gas fueling stations, and for the adoption of at least 1,000 natural gas vehicles to be awarded for use statewide. The four-year program will be managed by the Colorado Energy Office with the support of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Regional Air Quality Council (RACQ) and local governments.

(Source: Government of Colorado)

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