CNGci Type 3 Cylinders Now Part of Germany’s Winkelmann Group

| USA, Oxnard CA

CNGci Type 3 rail-mounted cylinders 2015CNG Cylinders International (CNGci), a California manufacturer of large diameter Type 3 cylinders, has become part of the Winkelmann Group, a German company and provider of flow formed products of all shapes and sizes catering to a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications such as automotive pulleys, transmission components and aircraft landing gear shock cartridges.

The joined forces will allow CNGci to expand its existing operations in order to meet increased customer demand and to venture into offering value added services to its customers. Winkelmann has opportunity to expand their portfolio of companies to include green technology products while maximizing synergies with their existing international operations.

CNGci manufactures Type 3 cylinders for frame rail mounted and other heavy duty truck applications. Fuel systems typically consist of a CNG cylinder and enclosure package either with or without fueling/fill panel. Fuel systems are offered for a large variety of different vehicle configurations and are scalable to the individual customer’s range, fueling requirements and intended application.

(Source: CNG cylinders international)

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