CNG Vehicle Inspection Practices an NGV Industry Focus at ACT Expo

| USA: Long Beach CA

NGV Global - International Association for Natural Gas VehiclesTechnical Forum: Guaranteeing Safety in CNG Vehicles: Inspections, Improvements and Innovations

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach CA.  April 30, 2018

A Technical Forum organised by NGV Global to consider safety issues associated with natural gas fuel systems for vehicles. Planned to run in conjunction with ACT Expo in California.

As a leading international organisation in natural gas for transportation, NGV Global says the moment is right to re-examine the process of regular, routine inspections of CNG cylinders and fuel systems in the light of new technologies that are leading the industry into the future. Indeed, there is a growing need to improve, harmonize and implement the periodic inspection of high pressure cylinders and the complete vehicle fuel system.

Safety has always been a principle concern of the NGV industry. Standards, regulations and ‘best practices’ have evolved to ensure safety across the full NGV supply chain. This workshop will explore the range of regulatory and practical issues associated with the inspection process to further improve NGV safety while also enhancing user convenience.

NGVi CNG Fuel System Training

Image: NGVi

With ample time set aside for discussion, the program will focus on new regulations, the European model, North American issues, OEM and system integrator perspectives, and possible pathways to harmonization. Outcomes from the event will be incorporated into NGV Global’s standards representation on behalf of the industry.

NGV Global participates on 14 ISO committees and three UNECE task forces and is in collaboration with several regional and national standards organisations.

NGV Global Technical Forums are for attendance by Members of NGV Global and NGV Global Affiliated Associations, plus invited guests.

The Technical Forum Program can be downloaded by clicking here.

Link to register:   – click “Workshops” under Conference Registration. It is possible to register for the Technical Forum as part of ACT Expo conference attendance or as a stand-alone event.

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