CNG Source Maintains Mexican Momentum

| USA, Houston TX and Mexico

CNG Source image - MexicoIndianapolis-based CNG Source continues to build presence in Mexico’s developing natural gas fuel marketplace as it proceeds to formalise arrangements with new Mexican energy company V-Energia for a large Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station.

“Within the group they operate several gas stations under the Pemex brand, they also operate a fleet management company and lastly they manufacture and provide one of the most advanced wet-fuel dispensers to the Mexican market. This is a seasoned team of professionals with a remarkable experience in providing fuel and services to fleets”, Karim Bousfiha, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for CNG Source said.

Bousfiha says this will be a high performance station, with capability for both the vehicular as well as the virtual pipeline industry, serving businesses located off the natural gas pipeline network through tube trucks and GTMs (gas transport modules). The station will be geared by four compressors driven by natural gas engines providing maximum performance at an exceptionally low cost of operation.

“The NGV or vehicular side of the station will boast cutting edge dispensers based on a custom version of CNG Source’s Triumph model including our proprietary technology Tank-Sense allowing for an accurate temperature compensated fill”, explains Bousfiha. “The fueling hoses will feature both NGV1 and NGV2 options for each position. A complete remote monitoring and control system will allow operators and managers to control and supervise the station virtually from anywhere in the world at any time.”

A veteran company with offices in Houston, TX and Monterrey (Mexico), CNG Source declared through Bousfiha in December last year: “The Mexican demand for natural gas vehicle solutions remains strong and we are very pleased to be a part of that growing opportunity. The continued consolidation of the Mexican market will be at the top of our agenda for 2016, and we look to further leverage that base into additional regions by the end of next year.”

In August 2015, CNG Source entered into a full-service agreement with NatGas, a CNG Station operator headquartered in Querétaro, Mexico and serving a diversity of fleets and vehicles.

The V-Energia contract is CNG Source’s fifth compression unit in Mexico

(Source: CNG Source)

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