CNG Refueling Innovation Receives USD 3 Million Funding

| USA, Bend OR

Onboard Dynamics, Inc. (ObDI), an innovator in compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling, is currently pursuing two compressed natural gas refueling solutions — a fully integrated onboard engine-compressor system and a standalone, mobile, self-powered compressor system. 
The company’s innovation is to be boosted by $3 million from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), Portland Seed Fund, NW Natural and other utilities, and private investors.

“This additional funding commitment puts Onboard Dynamics on track to become a financially sustainable provider of affordable CNG refueling solutions,” said Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics. “Over the next 18 months we will complete development, testing and market introduction of our first products.”

The lack of fueling stations nationally has inhibited the widespread adoption of CNG vehicles. According to NGVAmerica, the country’s station count has grown dramatically in the last three years, and there are now 1,640 CNG fueling stations nationwide. However, Onboard Dynamics points out that although the station count is low there are also 72 million customer natural gas sites.

Their technology can use that supply and compress gas for refueling using the automotive engine’s own power, which would open up the existing natural gas distribution system to CNG vehicles.

“Not only would their technology make natural gas more economically feasible for fleet vehicles, but it would help reduce transportation-related air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jim Huston, managing director of Portland Seed Fund.

(Source: Onboard Dynamics)

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