CNG NGVs to Double in Colombia

| Colombia, Bogota

Colombia_RiohachaMeeting in Riohacha, capital city of the Department of La Guajira, Colombia’s Minister of Mines and Energy has reached agreement with the different parties involved in the gas supply chain in order to promote the use of natural gas for vehicles in the country’s north east. This initiative will benefit end users with fuel prices 40% below the price of gasoline, which makes it very competitive, and will be welcome news for participants at the forthcoming NGV2013 Colombia conference (Cartegena, 6-8 November).

Minister Amylkar Acosta Medina met with gas producers, distributors and sellers, together with local regional authorities including the Mayor of Riohacha, Rafael Ceballos Sierra. The agreement will commence with a pilot program for the departmental capital. “This is the first step, and the next one will be taking this program to the Department of Cesar [on La Guajira’s southern boundary] for the sake of reaching complete coverage of natural gas for vehicles throughout the Caribbean region,” the Minister explained.

Furthermore, the plan is to then take the promotion to other parts of the country, until the number of vehicles converted for compressed natural gas has been doubled. “This fuel is safe, clean and also cheaper, therefore this program will be a great ally in the efforts undertaken for reducing fuel prices.”

NGV2013 Colombia (logo)Support has been forthcoming from the Department of La Guajira and the Municipality of Riohacha, which have assumed the costs of converting a fleet of 400 taxis, as well as the support of gas suppliers like Ecopetrol and Chevron, transporters like Promigas, gas distributors Gases de La Guajira and Terpal (the latter will establish a service station), all of which will subsidize their fees in order to make this project viable.

Details for NGV2013 Colombia are available from The event has received the endorsement of NGV Global.

(Source: Ministry of Mines and Energy)

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