CNG Net to Fuel Connexxion Bus Fleet with Biomethane

| Netherlands, Nieuwegein

CNG Net, a subsidiary of Ballast Nedam, is set to deliver 12 million m3 of biomethane for all 225 city buses of Connexxion in the city area of Arnhem/Nijmegen in the Netherlands from the end of 2012. The company will also enter into a strategic alliance with Connexxion, which will operate this concession for a period of 10 years under the name of Breng. CNG Net says the contract volume of nearly 12 million m3 per year makes this the largest public transport concession for refined biogas (biomethane) in the Netherlands.
The existing refuelling location in Nijmegen, where 75 buses have filled up with natural gas since 2009, will continue to be the home base for approximately 110 of these buses. The addition of a further 115 city buses means that three new refuelling locations will be constructed in Arnhem, Duiven and Huissen. CNG Net is responsible for the construction and operation of these refuelling locations which will be purpose-designed to match the specific refuelling patterns of the buses.

The existing location in Nijmegen on the Industrieweg will be modified to cope with the number of extra city buses that will use the station to fill up with Biogas.

CNG Net will collaborate with Ballast Nedam in orchestrating the financing, design, engineering, permit applications and construction the filling stations and manage them once operational.

The use of biomethane as a fuel for vehicles makes a considerable contribution to improving local air quality and also has a positive effect on reducing global warming, it reduces the emission of greenhouse gas, i.e. CO2, by a significant 80 percent.

(This article compiled using information from a CNG Net press release)

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