CNG KAMAZ Vehicles for Siberians

| Russia, Novosibirsk

In Novosibirk, the largest city in Siberia, Sibir Industrial and Construction Concern has bought ten KAMAZ natural gas powered trucks. The new trucks will be used for transportation of sand and crushed stone. According to Dmitry Chervov, Director General of Sibir-razvitiye (a member of Sibir Concern), the company used different combined gas-diesel engines, but then came to the conclusion that it is more profitable to use KAMAZ trucks powered with serial gas engines running on pure methane. Significant costs savings are enabled for cargo transportation.

Despite the fact that NGVs are a little more expensive than diesel trucks, they are repaid more quickly.

KAMAZ says that methane is the only type of motor fuel the price of which has been controlled by law since 1993. It costs much less than diesel fuel, and a cubic meter of methane is equivalent to a liter of diesel fuel. To add to this, KAMAZ gas engines are subject to three times less wear than diesel engines before requiring an overhaul.

Taking into account these and other undeniable advantages, the management of the concern decided to purchase another batch of heavy-duty gas-powered trucks intended for urban operation in the near future.

(This article compiled using information from a KAMAZ press release)

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