CNG Home Refuelling Unit Uses Hydraulic Compressor

| USA, Appleton WI

CNGPUMP 1 GGE home refuelling unit

USA company NRGhybrids Group recently launched its 2012 CNGPUMP 1-1.6 GGE Home Fueling Station. It is a hydraulic compressor appliance that mounts the control panel inside the garage and the compressor outside the garage. Natural gas vehicle cylinders are filled with the same gas as used for home heating. The company says the unit satisfies the needs of US building codes and insurance companies. It come with a 3-year fix or replace warranty.

The patented CNGPUMP hydraulic compression pump has been issued a “USA Method Patent” of hydraulic compression (the patent covers the concept of using hydraulics to compress natural gas).

Long term testing has shown this pump running for 10 years without any repairs or breakdowns, with a life expectancy of 20 years or more. The hydraulic compressor uses 75% less moving parts than other “piston” type compressors..

The CNGPUMP is also designed for small business applications, suitable for refuelling automobiles, forklifts, small trucks, landscaping equipment, light towers and other small equipment. This designs fills a CNG tank at 1gge per hour on a standard .5psi (8inch column) gas meter, (up to 1.6gge with a 2lb. gas meter).

(This article compiled using information from NRGhybrids Group)

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