CNG Companies “O”Ring and InsightFuel Merge in U.S.

| USA: Macedonia OH & Coolspring PA
O'ring CNG System

“O”Ring’s transportable CNG fueling station

“O”Ring CNG Fuel Systems, a developer and operator of CNG fueling stations in western and central Pennsylvania is merging with InsightFuel, a manufacturer and specialty contractor serving the clean fuel transportation market in the United States and Canada.

“O” Ring specializes in the design and installation of CNG fueling stations, featuring a proprietary transportable station design built onto 53’ self-contained fueling platform featuring a 150 hp Ariel JGQ 4-stage compressor powered by a Caterpillar 3306 natural gas engine. A network of stations across Pennsylvania built by “O”Ring are operated by GAIN Clean Fuel out of Wisconsin.

Bob Beatty, owner of “O”Ring, and Jeff King, majority owner of InsightFuel, have been partners in each other’s business for over five years. “There is so much more for me to accomplish creating energy independence for our country using indigenous, clean-burning fuels,” says Beatty, “and I believe after working so well with the team at InsightFuel, that this is the best platform for “O”Ring and me to realize my vision.”

InsightFuel CNG System

A typical InsightFuel CNG station design with ANGI equipment

InsightFuel was formed in 2016 to grow the clean fuel transportation market. It combined three established businesses including AFV, a producer of natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel systems (circa 2009), CNG Plus, a construction services business helping contractors build compressed natural gas (CNG) stations faster and safer with new materials and methods (circa 2014), and R. Anthony Enterprises, a mechanical contractor responsible for building twenty-four CNG stations between 2013 – 2016.

“Bob brings know-how which will allow us to accelerate our plans to develop a regional CNG fueling station service company to support the clients for whom we’ve built fueling stations. “O”Ring also has a transportable CNG fueling station design that we believe addresses an underserved need for temporary and small-scale natural gas decanting and fueling,” says King.

InsightFuel is building an organization singularly focused on supplying the natural gas fuels and energy markets.

Source: InsightFuel Companies

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