CNG Buses Leased by Jerez to Replace Ageing Diesel Fleet

| Spain, Jerez | Source: Radio Jerez

Jerez Bus, SpainChoosing CNG buses to replace an ageing fleet is the decision reached by the city of Jerez in southern Spain. The city will lease 14 compressed natural gas buses, with more to come. By doing so, the city addresses significant financial burdens incurred by it’s fleet of ageing diesel buses.

Jerez Mayoress, Mamen Sánchez said: “The 14 new buses confirm our commitment to a sustainable, efficient and modern city model. The new vehicles mean a substantial improvement in the quality of this basic service and a significant saving in maintenance costs.” Fuel costs are expected to reduce by 35%. Adoption of natural gas vehicles (NGV) improve air quality and reduce pollution levels.

At the press conference, the mayoress reiterated the city’s commitment to renew the fleet. She explained the current fleet “leaves much to be desired”. The age of the vehicles stands at an average of 14 years and 1 month and incurs high fuel and maintenance costs.

Mamen Sanchez Mayoress of JerezFinancials

The rental contract awarded will have a duration of ten years. It specifies a maximum delivery period of ten months, starting from the formalization thereof. The total bidding budget amounts to EUR 5,914,187.66 (USD 6.8 million), VAT included. The city is leasing the buses for €2,909.38 (USD 3,342) per month.

The city will raise a tender for ten more CNG buses immediately. The buses will be ordered using ‘Strategies for integrated sustainable urban development’ (EDUSI) funds of approximately EUR 3.2 million (USD 3.7 million). This action is co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth FEDER 2014-2020.

The 24 CNG buses will replace about half of the current fleet.

(Source: Jerez City Hall)

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