CNG Bus May Be Best Yet for Reading Buses

| United Kingdom, Reading

MAN City CNG bus

Striving to reduce its carbon footprint Reading Buses, based in Berkshire, has expressed confidence that its latest choice of alternative powered vehicle is even better than its recent batch of electric hybrids. They have commenced a six-week trial with a MAN compressed natural gas (CNG) powered bus.┬áSaid James Freeman, Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer: “We have readily accepted the opportunity to trial the new technology which offers even lower emissions than the recent batch of hybrid buses operating successfully in the town.”

“The trial in Reading is supported by the Gas Bus Alliance which is providing the infrastructure for the supply of fuel. For the very first time we are using the mains gas supply at Reading Buses Great Knollys Street depot to fuel this bus,” Freeman added.

The MAN bus, a 12-metre single-decker EcoCity model, is on loan from the manufacturer, having completed demonstration stints in Liverpool and East Anglia.

(This article compiled using information from a Reading Buses press release)

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