Clean Fuel – Clean Car at OrangeGas

| The Netherlands, Heerenveen

Orangegas Biomethane-CNG stationIn the Netherlands, Dutch biomethane provider OrangeGas has introduced a novel service at the dispenser – refuel with clean gas and clean while you refuel, or as Orangegas calls it – “Smart and clean fueling”. The service, available at the dispenser, is likely to prove popular with cab drivers and bus drivers of natural gas vehicles, but also with the general public.

While filling up, you can now vacuum your car at the same time with a strong Kärcher vacuum cleaner built into the CNG dispenser unit. The concept has been presented today at Taxi Expo, an event especially for the taxi-market and will eventually be spread out over all OrangeGas stations.

Marcel Borger, managing director of OrangeGas and inventor of the idea explains: “One day while I was filling up with biogas (CNG), I looked into my car and thought it could use a good clean-up. I didn’t have the time to go to the vacuum self-serve coin-operated machines. I thought it would be great if you could clean your car and fill up at the same time, without the fuss of coins. Especially for people who spent a lot of time in their car, like cab-drivers, this will contribute to our “Happy Planet”-philosophy: filling up at OrangeGas makes you happy!”

All OrangeGas-filling stations are equipped with a smart Start/Stop system. You fill up by pressing the Start button, without holding it down. This means you have the time to do something else, like cleaning your car in the meantime. As long as the unit is running, you can start the vacuum-cleaner and it will stop automatically once you’ve finished filling up. The hose can be stretched out so (small) buses or bigger vehicles can also use the vacuum cleaner.

OrangeGas operates more than 50 refuelling station operating in the Netherlands and 10 new locations planned. In total there are over 140 biogas-/natural gas-filling stations in the Netherlands.

(Source: OrangeGas)

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