Clean Energy Opens Jacksonville CNG Station

| USA, Jacksonville FL

Clean Energy - JTA Station opening JacksonvilleClean Energy Fuels has completed a Compressed Natural Gas station construction project with Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) that has culminated in the opening of Jacksonville’s first public-access CNG fueling facility at JTA’s Myrtle Avenue operations campus. Made possible through a Public-Private Partnership (P3) with Clean Energy, the station is located adjacent to the existing, private JTA-dedicated CNG station and will provide access to fueling for both public and private vehicles.

“With this new CNG station, JTA is taking a leadership position in its industry—and improving Northeast Florida’s economy and environment,” said JTA Chairman Scott L. McCaleb. “This station was specifically designed to meet JTA and the public’s fueling needs today and tomorrow as more CNG vehicles become part of the community.”

“By allowing the public and other agencies to fuel their vehicles, the Authority will begin contributing to the available supply of CNG in the region, which in turn will help make our region cleaner by eliminating fewer pollutants into the air we breathe,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “CNG vehicles produce up to 90 percent less smog producing pollutants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 percent.”

JTA’s goal is to have a fleet of 100 CNG buses over four years and it is well underway with 23 vehicles currently in the fleet.

This CNG project, one of the JTA’s transformative Blueprint 2020 initiatives, also included a modification to the bus maintenance facility and a bus fueling facility. Fueling of the CNG buses began in December 2015 with the rollout of the First Coast Flyer Bus Rapid Transit ”Green Line”.

“Clean Energy is proud to partner with the Jacksonville Transit Authority on the construction of this station and giving the citizens of Jacksonville a cleaner fuel option for their transportation needs. We applaud their leadership on this important effort” said Peter Grace, senior vice president, Sales & Finance, Clean Energy Fuels.

The Clean Energy station is easily accessible for heavy-duty fleet trucks and passenger vehicles. The new CNG station will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and uses a public access card reader system. The station includes one single hose dispenser, with the capability of adding an additional three dispensers.

Clean Energy Fuels is an NGV Global sponsor member.

(Source: JTA)

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