Clean Energy Fuels Seaboard Transport Across Nine States

| USA, Newport Beach CA
High Plains Bioenergy CNG Truck Fueling - Kenworth 386

Seaboard Foods Kenworth CNG

Continuing the development of ‘America’s Natural Gas Highway’ Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has opened natural gas fueling stations in Albuquerque, N.M. and Winslow, Ariz., to fuel additional heavy-duty CNG trucks deployed by Seaboard Transport. Natural gas fueling for heavy-duty trucks is now possible from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California, a distance of approximately 2,250 miles (3,600 kms).

Under the fueling agreement, Clean Energy will open its Albuquerque, N.M., and Winslow, Ariz., America’s Natural Gas Highway stations. Additionally, Seaboard Transport will fuel at Clean Energy’s public natural gas station network in seven other states.

Once fully-deployed, the food haulage fleet is forecasted to consume approximately 892,000 diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs) annually. This represents a greenhouse gas reduction of approximately 2,067 metric tons.

“Thanks to our fueling agreement with Clean Energy and their commitment to CNG stations along I-40, our first CNG-powered truck recently crossed into California originating from our Oklahoma processing plant. Now we have a gateway to the West for our CNG fleet,” says Gary Ruettgers, Seaboard Transport operations manager.

(Source: Clean Energy)

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