Clean Energy Delivers Florida’s First LNG Station

| USA, Newport Beach CA

Major North American natural gas supplier Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has opened Florida’s first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fueling station, located in Jacksonville, Florida. The station is seen as a significant development for America’s Natural Gas Highway, providing an LNG gateway to Southern Florida.

“Opening the first LNG station in Florida marks an important step forward in the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel in the Sunshine State. Jacksonville is leading the way in high horsepower applications for LNG fuel use and we’re committed to meeting the growing LNG demand in the region,” said Greg Roche, vice president, national accounts, Clean Energy. Roche explained that although initial demand will be small, hence only two single hose dispensers have been installed, there is capacity to expand to additional LNG dispensers as well as introducing CNG dispensers.

United Parcel Service (UPS) and Raven Transport Inc. are two fleet customers that will be fueling at Clean Energy’s Jacksonville station and at other LNG stations across the U.S.

Clean Energy has previously announced it will support the expanding UPS fleet with new LNG stations at Amarillo, Mesquite and San Antonio in Texas. UPS has one of the largest LNG truck deployments in North America, with natural gas vehicles accounting for about 35% of its fleet. Early 2013 the company announced its plan to add nearly 1,000 LNG tractors in the next two years.

Last October, Clean Energy entered into a multi-year natural gas fueling agreement to support 36 new natural gas trucks deployed by Raven Transport, with two LNG fueling stations as part of its America’s Natural Gas Highway in Jacksonville (referred to above), and Franklin, Ohio.

Other Clean Energy LNG stations have been opened at Pontoon Beach, Illinois and Fontana, California, the latter also incorporating CNG.

(Source: Clean Energy)

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