City of Los Angeles Wins NAFA’s 2011 Sustainable Fleet Award

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City of Los Angeles natural gas fleet refuelling station

City of Los Angeles natural gas fleet refuelling station (Image: Gladstein, Neandross & Assoc.)

Dedication to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) along with a robust commuter program has led the City of Los Angeles to the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA)’s 2011 Sustainable Fleet Award. The city’s hard work was recognized when Angela Sherick-Bright, Acting Assistant General Manager for the City of Los Angeles General Services Department, became one of four to earn NAFA’s 2011 Sustainable Fleet Award in April this year.

The City of Los Angeles has had a long-standing history of leading the way for clean air vehicle programs. As an early adapter of alternative fuel technology, the City has demonstrated a commitment to LNG and CNG vehicles for years.

Within the City’s heavy-duty, on-road fleet of nearly 1,800 vehicles, the City currently has roughly 500 units running on LNG. NAFA says this makes it the largest municipal LNG refuse collection fleet in the country.

The City’s sweeper fleet has 103 of 159 units running on CNG.

The Department of General Services operates four LNG fueling sites and a multitude of CNG sites in the City.

As part of their role, the Department of General Services also provides maintenance support for 24 City departments. To accommodate the alternative fueled vehicles, they constructed and retrofitted five maintenance facilities with plans to retrofit more.

The City’s sustainability plan also seeks to eliminate driving as much as possible through a robust commuter program that offers stipends and subsidies to City employees who participate in vanpool programs, who bicycle to work, or who use public transportation.

In her acceptance speech, Sherick-Bright said the City had recently opened a new natural gas fueling facility for the City’s sanitation fleet on April 4. The North Central Clean-Fuel Dispensing Facility will serve the City’s recycling and refuse collection vehicles that operate on LNG and CNG. In addition, the City has committed $97 million in infrastructure for continued sustainability and has committed to increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles in its fleet by 15 percent each year until it converts 85 percent of its fleet by fiscal-year 2012-2013.

A City of Los Angeles LNG/LCNG Fuel Station and Maintenance Shop was featured in technical tours associated with  this year’s ACT Expo conference and exhibition, held last week in Long Beach, California. This state-of-the-art facility provides daily LNG fueling for the approximately 120 of the City’s 400 LNG refuse collection trucks.

NAFA entries were judged on originality, innovation, and demonstrated accomplishment for reducing energy consumption.

This article primarily compiled using information from a NAFA press release.

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