Cimarron Composites Type 4 Composite Tube Approved

| USA, Huntsville AL

Cimarron Composites - CNG tubes May2017Cimarron Composites, based in the U.S. state of Alabama, has received a DOT special permit and ADR approval for a large type 4 composite tube. It was developed under the guidelines of UN ISO 11515 without exceptions and has been approved to function stand-alone, or in a tube trailer or in a multi-element gas container. 

The 2,276 liter, 250 Bar tube passed all of the required tests, including the vacuum test, 1200 joule blunt impact test, 50 caliber bullet test and it passed the bonfire test without a PRD (pressure relief device).

Permeation tests were done with methane and nitrogen; however, the tube is approved to contain many other gasses including: Hydrogen, Helium, Neon and Argon.

The 30” diameter, 18’6” long tube packs well in containers and has the ability to unload 100% of its contents. This innovative tube contains patented technology that is game changing to the gas transport industry. The lightweight composite cylinders allow more gas to be transported by fewer containers when compared to traditional steel tubes and other type 4 tubes.

Cimarron also has the ability produce this tube in custom sizes, up to 6 feet diameter and 50 feet long, with minimal re-testing. The tube can be re-designed to function at higher pressures as needed.

The initial product release is a 20’ multi-element gas container that holds 9 of the 30”x 18’6” composite tubes. This baseline container will transport 230,000 cubic feet of natural gas and weigh only 18,000 pounds. A 53’ long container can be produced to hold 622,000 cubic feet of natural gas and still be within legal weight limits.

(Source: Cimarron Composites)

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