Chongqing Operating 95 Yutong LNG Buses

| China, Chongqing

Chongqing celebrates the launch of LNG buses for city transportation.

According to the “12th Five-year Sci-Tech Program” issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State will actively support the development of fuel-saving and new energy vehicles including alternative fuel vehicles. Under this preferential policy, a number of cities in China are involved in the application of fuel-saving and new energy buses and Chongqing is one of them. The first batch of LNG bus projects have been put into operation in Chongqing, where 95 Yutong LNG buses ply 14 intercity routes.
The 95 Yutong LNG buses comprise 74 units of model ZK6127 HAN9 and 21 units of model ZK6938 HAN9.

The LNG buses are advocated and supported by government because of their lower operation costs and environment-friendliness. Because the LNG consumer price is approximately 70% of diesel, Yutong says fuel costs can be cut by 30%.

Yutong’s market share of LNG buses, reportedly ranked first in China, has been steadily increasing. Since March 2012, Yutong have successively received big orders from projects in Ningbo, Beijing, Suzhou and other cities, selling 129 units of LNG city buses and 75 units of LNG coaches. Another 100 LNG city buses were delivered to Langfang, Hebei province on April 2.

(This article compiled using information from a Yutong press release)

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