Chart Ferox Commissions Compact LNG Fueling Station in Sweden

| Czech Republic: Děčín | Source: Chart Ferox

LNG truck refuelling at Chart Compact Station in SwedenChart has designed, built and commissioned a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) filling station in Sweden under arrangement with Gasum. All stations built by Chart have the capacity to fill two cold and warm LNG vehicles at the same time, with each dispenser capable of filling one truck within 6 minutes. The new stations is therefore able to meet current fueling demand with ease.

Strict emissions targets and concerns about CO2 footprint mean that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Bio-Gas (LBG) are fast becoming accepted as the future fuel for heavy haulage vehicles in the region and Chart will deliver a further 17 stations across Scandinavia before the year end, mainly in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Chart LNG Compact Station in SwedenAs the market evolves, so has Chart’s design, and these latest stations are equipped with proprietary Saturation on the Fly (SoF) technology, which recognizes both spark ignited and compression engines, improves the station’s overall energy management and provides a total refueling time consistent with equivalent diesel engine vehicles. The station is compatible with all types of LNG-fuelled trucks and buses.

Chart delivers the technology as a compact turnkey solution with storage capacity of 89 m3. Chart’s own LNG dispenser technology with calibrated and MID certified unit is also an essential component of the station design.

Chart Compact LNG Fuelling Station (video)

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