Chart Commissions First Proviridis NGV Fueling Station in France

| Czech Republic, Decin and France, Marseille

V-Gas (Proviridis) LCNG StationChart has commissioned an in-house engineered and built fueling station for natural gas vehicles at Fos-sur-Mer, 50 km from Marseille on the Mediterranean coast and in close proximity to the city’s port district. The station is equipped with two LNG and one CNG dispensers ensuring its suitability for fueling all natural gas vehicles.

Owned by Proviridis and operated by V-GAS, part of the Proviridis group, it is a first step in the group’s planned regional network and will shortly be supplemented by a Chart sister station scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

The station incorporates a number of Chart proprietary features, including ‘Saturation on the Fly’ for optimal heat management, culminating in a facility that is safe, reliable and available 24/7/365. As for all Chart fueling stations, it is engineered without a need for venting, which means zero product loss to atmosphere. This measure is not only important for economics but also for the environment because methane (natural gas) is a more potent GHG than carbon dioxide.

Although designed to be unmanned, V-GAS are initially providing supervision during the early stages to familiarize people with the facility’s layout and operation. The entire fueling process, including payment, takes around 5 minutes in ideal conditions.

Chart is committed to the small-scale model for developing the LNG infrastructure across the globe and our vehicle fueling stations incorporate many facets of our concept to reality approach. From engineering to commissioning, we provide the complete solution, design and mission critical equipment manufacture is done in house and standardisation and modularisation are cornerstones for reduced capex, schedule and site construction.

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(Source: Chart)

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