Celaya Celebrates First CNG Station in State of Guanajuato

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Celaya CNG Station Mexico

Taxi drivers happy with 50% lower fuel costs

Guanajuato, a state in central Mexico, is celebrating the opening of its first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station, opened last week by Governor Miguel Márquez Márquez in the city of Celaya. The state government is actively promoting and facilitating the introduction of CNG as a cleaner, alternative fuel. The 24-hour station has the capacity to refuel up to 1,000 vehicles per day.

“It is an honour to participate in the inauguration of this CNG station. Such initiatives that companies like NATGAS and Gas Natural Fenosa undertake are needed here,” Márquez said at the opening, commenting that especially in the industrial corridor, there will be a positive impact for the environment and users, offering the latter an alternative, economic and competitive fuel for vehicle mobility.

Governor Marquez overseas the first CNG refueling in Celaya.

Governor Marquez overseas the first CNG refueling in Celaya.

He added that NATGAS and Gas Natural Fenosa have developed a natural gas fuel expansion plan for Guanajuato, to be completed by 2020, which includes the opening of nine CNG stations, an investment of 400 million pesos (more than USD 20 million) and the creation of 1200 jobs (300 direct, 900 indirect).

First beneficiaries will be truck and taxi drivers, who will benefit from a 50% fuel cost reduction compared to gasoline.

“In the State Government we are promoting the use of this fuel, not only in vehicles but also in other activities such as the brick industry. We are working on changing the system of vehicles for the use of natural gas as fuel,” Márquez said.

(Source: Government of Guanajuato)

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