Florida Railway Shows Off LNG Operations

| USA, Jacksonville FA

Florida East Coast Railway - FEC 300 LNG tender“We are proud to be the first North American Railroad to operate its entire mainline fleet on LNG”, said Fran Chinnici, Chief Operating Officer.

Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway provided an exclusive tour of its LNG (liquid natural gas) operations at its Jacksonville facility this week. Tour participants came from a wide range of industries, including marine, rail, mining, E&P, power gen operations. Read more »

Report: Major Benefits from Natural Gas in Marine and HHP Applications

| USA, Santa Monica CA
Clean Energy Fuels - Boron LNG Plant 600 - fuel for HHP Applications

Clean Energy Fuels’ LNG facility at Boron, CA

California-based clean transportation and energy consulting firm Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) completed a report for the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission (CEC), under oversight by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in March this year. The report — The Feasibility, Issues, and Benefits Associated with Expanded Use of Natural Gas at Seaports and Other High Horsepower (HHP) Applications — has now been released by CEC. Read more »

Gazprom Plans LNG Locomotives to Service Yamal

| Russia, St. Petersburg

Locomotives will travel the Obskaya – Bovanenkovo railroadIn St. Petersburg last week, a Cooperation Agreement was drawn up between the Russian companies Gazpromtrans and Gazomotornoye Toplivo for the implementation of natural gas as a fuel for locomotives and associated infrastructure. The development is specific to the Gazprom-owned rail line that services the Yamal megaproject. Read more »

Gazprom Refuels Russian Railways Locomotives with LNG

| Russia, Yekaterinburg
Main-line gas turbine locomotive Russian Railways

Main-line gas turbine locomotive

Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, Gazprom’s distributor of natural gas for transportation, is fueling Russian Railways locomotives with liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Egorshino station in the Sverdlovsk Region. There are currently three gas-powered vehicles in operation within the Egorshino – Serov-Sortirovochny section of Sverdlovsk Railway: a reciprocating gas engine switcher and two main-line gas turbine locomotives. Read more »

High Horsepower (HHP) Summit: a Great Week planned for Jacksonville

| USA, Jacksonville FL
Tote Maritime LNG bunkering in port

LNG bunkering in Jacksonville (Image: TOTE Maritime)

The 2017 HHP Summit will convene industry leaders from the marine, mining, rail, and power generation sectors, November 6-9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Erik Neandross, CEO of event organiser Gladstein, Neandross and & Associates (GNA), told NGV Global News: “The market for natural gas in the off-road high horsepower space is getting really exciting right now, even in spite of the sustained price of oil around $50.” Read more »

Indian Railways Advances Natural Gas Locomotives

| India, New Delhi

IROAF CNG-converted DEMU

State-owned Indian Railways, through its Indian Railway Organisation for Alternate Fuels (IROAF), has issued a tender for conversion of 30 Diesel Power Cars (DPCs) to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). IROAF is charged with the task of seeking alternate energy modes, hence the drive toward gas-felled locomotives, and its primary objective is reduce Rail’s vast energy bill while also cutting emissions. Read more »

Dual-Fuel Systems for IHB CNG-Powered Switcher Locomotives Near Integration

| USA, Beaufort SC

IHB CNG 1500 HP Locomotive ISO Apr2017OptiFuel Systems, LLC (OptiFuel), a South Carolina-based developer of dual-fuel natural gas high horsepower solutions, has shipped American designed and manufactured locomotive engine systems utilizing diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) to Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB) for integration into the first two of thirty-one CNG Tier 4 switcher locomotives for IHB’s CNG Repower Program. The dual-fuel natural gas system includes OptiFuel-designed on-board CNG storage units and a trackside CNG refueling station manufactured by ANGI Energy Systems. Read more »

CARB Appeals to US EPA to Limit Locomotive Emissions

| USA, Sacramento CA

California Air Resources Board (CARB) chair Mary D. Nichols requested the U.S. EPA (April 14) take action to adopt more stringent emission standards for locomotives, saying that the move is needed to clean up the air in “high-risk” communities in and around the nation’s railyards. In the USA and elsewhere, trials are being conducted of dual-fuel locomotives using diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and the push by CARB may further stimulate investment. Read more »

A Compelling Future for LNG Discussed at NGV Global 2017

| The Netherlands, Rotterdam
Keller at Plenary Day 2 Rotterdam Mar2017

Peter Keller discusses marine LNG’s progress and potential at NGV Global 2017.

Peter Keller, chairman of SEA\LNG, a multi-sector industry coalition created to accelerate the widespread adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel and currently an Executive VP of TOTE, addressed the Opening Plenary of NGV Global 2017 on the very positive and unfolding role of LNG in the maritime sector. Read more »

Spanish LNG-for-Trains Project Approaches Testing Phase

| Spain, Barcelona

Renfe 2600 train in shedRenfe (Spain’s national rail network), Gas Natural Fenosa and Enagás, in collaboration with Institut Cerdà (a private engineering innovator in Barcelona), ARMF (a specialised railways restoration workshop) and classification society Bureau Veritas are preparing first traction tests in Europe of a train powered by liquefied natural gas. It may also be the first in the world to test LNG on a passenger train. Read more »