Carrefour Plans Nine Refueling Stations in 2017 for Expanding NG Fleet

| France | Source: Gaz-Mobilité

Carrafour natural gas-powered fleet vehicleCarrefour, a large French logistics company and international transporter of goods, has told Gaz-Mobilité of its ambitious plans for the adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel in 2017. That includes working together with its carrier partners to introduce nine new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in 2017 to ensure sufficiency of supply for 200 CNG trucks operating as part of group’s fleet by end of next year.

According to the report, five of those CNG stations will be located in the Paris region and the others distributed between Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux and Vendin (north). Operated by GNVert and Air Liquide, these stations will be open to all carriers and accessible 24 hours a day. The stations may also offer Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel.

The company is also asking its carriers to not just use natural gas but to operate using renewable natural gas (RNG), referred to in France as ‘bioGNV’. In March 2013, Carrefour announced it had commenced testing its first lorries running on biomethane fuel produced using waste from its stores, with the goal of reducing transport-generated emission by 40% between 2010 and 2025. Philippe Pieri, Strategy and Trading Negotiation Director, believes the company will achieve that target well before 2025.

Using trucks from French transportation and logistics company Perrenot Group in 2012-2013, Carrefour was able to prove the profitability of natural gas. This year, Perrenot placed an order for 250 Iveco Stralis NP new natural gas powered trucks.

To further support carrier uptake of natural gas fuel, Carrefour offers the carriers five to six year contracts, a discounted fuel price negotiated with suppliers, and negotiated purchase prices from natural gas truck manufacturers Scania and Iveco. Peri believes the incremental cost of purchase of an NGV vehicle can be recovered in five years give the price advantage of bioGNV.

Source: Gaz-Mobilité  (French only)

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