CARB Proposes Amendments to Alternative Fuel Conversion Certification Procedures for New and In-use NGVs


California Air Resources Board (CARB) is moving forward with proposed amendments to the California Code of Regulations to better align ARB’s certification procedures for new and in-use alternative fuel conversions with recent changes adopted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The amendments streamline the certification process with reduced testing requirements designed to reduce market barriers for small volume converters defined as retrofit manufacturers with California sales <4500 vehicles per year.  Out of State sales do not apply.

A path is provided for converting new vehicles at the point of sale under the streamlined regulations normally restricted to aftermarket conversions, and a non-expiring Executive Order is issued.

Flexibility is added for emissions testing. OBD II demonstrations, previously having a significant cost impact on the certification process, is now reduced to three demonstrations of fuel trim, O2 and catalyst monitors, the latter having added threshold flexibility.  A compliance statement is required for the remaining monitors, but no emissions tests are required.

Conversions must be certified to the same tailpipe emissions standard as the base vehicle, and the amendments currently have a sunset after 5 years.

For further clarification contact Alex Lawson, NGV Global Technical Committee Vice Chair.

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