Canadian LNG Markets Open for APG Dual-Fuel Vehicular Solution

| USA, Lynnfield MA

Green Buffalo Fuel-supplied LNG tankGreen Buffalo Fuel receives Canadian Provincial Approval of their proprietary LNG Tank System

American Power Group Corporation’s subsidiary, American Power Group Inc. (APG), will be working with Green Buffalo Fuel, LLC (GBF) to begin marketing APG’s V5000 Dual Fuel Turbocharged® System using GBF’s unique patent pending LNG fuel tank in the Canadian market. GBF is already marketing APG’s vehicular dual-fuel system in the U.S. It is estimated that there are approximately 320,000 Class 8 trucks operating in Canada with the initial focus being in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

In anticipation of the pending Canadian approvals, Green Buffalo Fuel placed an order in March 2014 for 70 dual-fuel conversion systems valued at approximately $730,000 with an initial 25 conversion systems destined for the U.S. market and shipped during that quarter. The balance remains in backlog with anticipated releases of 15 systems per quarter commencing during the fourth calendar quarter with Green Buffalo reserving the right to accelerate the delivery schedule based on market demand.

Green Buffalo Fuel, LLC is headquartered in Tonawanda, NY and provides the heavy-duty truck market a complete Well to Wheels LNG solution allowing fleet operators to make the transition from Diesel to Natural Gas. Areas of technical expertise include engineering, fabrication, installation, and operation of LNG fueling facilities, dispenser metering systems, their proprietary LNG fuel tanks, and fuel system integration with both dual-fuel and dedicated natural gas engines.

Green Buffalo Fuel CEO, Peter Coleman stated,“We are pleased to be the first company to obtain Canadian CRN approvals for our LNG tanks in Ontario and British Columbia. Our patent pending LNG vehicular tank will be used on conversions of aftermarket Class 8 trucks. The GBF LNG Fuel Tank is designed and stamped to ASME Section VIII standards and is the only LNG tank system that meets all NFPA 52 & SAE J2343 guidelines, including those for thermal performance. The GBF design has several patent pending technologies which will reduce heat leak, and improve thermal performance, thereby increasing the range, standby time, and operational performance that our customers demand.”

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “We congratulate Green Buffalo Fuel on these two provincial approvals in Canada and look forward to supporting their North American launch. While APG’s dual fuel solution has the necessary Canadian approvals we have been completely shut out of the Canadian vehicular conversion market pending approval of our LNG and CNG tank suppliers. We can now begin to deploy our WheelTime Dealers in Ontario and British Columbia to contact prospective customers who are interested in APG’s LNG dual fuel technology. We expect CNG tank suppliers to obtain similar Canadian approvals yet this year.”

(Source: American Power Group)

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