Canada’s Natural Gas ‘Blue Road’ Adds 10th Filling Station

| Canada, Montréal QC

Sani Estrie CNG waste collection vehicleThe first public refuelling station for compressed natural gas (CNG) has been set up in the Eastern Townships, a tourist region and former administrative region in southeastern Quebec. Established by waste transportation company Sani-Estrie and gas supplier Gaz Métro, it is the tenth such installation to join the Blue Road. It is located in Sherbrooke and operated by Sani-Estrie as a station suited to transportation companies and municipalities wishing to switch their fleets to this alternative fuel.

“Economic recovery is a priority for our government. We want to modernize Québec’s economy through the energy transition announced in the 2030 Energy Policy. Thus, ensuring access to natural gas to as many regions as possible will enable us to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves. I am delighted about the installation of a public natural gas fuelling station in the Eastern Townships, since the use of this resource will help promote this transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister responsible for the Plan Nord, Pierre Arcand.

Sani-Estrie made the switch to natural gas just over a year ago when it acquired nine new CNG trucks, with the goal of converting 30 more over the next five years.

The Blue Road is growing!
This new refuelling point on the Blue Road, a network of public natural gas fuelling stations, will allow companies who fill their trucks with this alternative fuel to travel from the Eastern Townships to Montreal and even to have the possibility of reaching the United States. “The proximity of highways 10 and 55 made Sherbrooke a prime location for pursuing the deployment of the Blue Road,” mentioned Martin Imbleau, Vice President, Development and Renewable Energies at Gaz Métro.

This new public station is a great opportunity for transportation companies and municipalities to test trucks equipped with natural gas engines. With its possibilities of being used for transporting goods, residual materials or even for public transport, natural gas technology is a proven solution that allows for an immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 25% per vehicle.

Introduced in 2011, the Blue Road became the first public network of compressed and liquefied natural gas refuelling stations for Canada’s transportation industry. Some of the stations are located along the corridor of highways A-20/H-401, between Québec City and Toronto. As deployment of the Blue Road continues, compressed or liquefied natural gas fuelling points will be added in a strategic, flexible manner at various Québec and Ontario locations.

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions, a subsidiary of Gaz Métro, is a member of CNGVA and associate member of NGV Global.

(Source: Gaz Métro)

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