Caddy Roncalli BiFuel Stars in VW Circus

| Germany

The special edition VW Caddy Roncalli BiFuel

After a successful debut in 2011 VW has again presented a special edition VW Caddy for a limited two-month offer. Adopting the name of renowned German “Circus Roncalli” to promote its own circus star, the VW Caddy Roncalli Edition range includes the compressed natural gas (CNG) powered Caddy Roncalli BiFuel (petrol/CNG). Compared with the standard model the EcoFuel Roncalli is capable of 50% less fuel costs (under current conditions). VW is offering a very favourable price advantage of up to EUR 6268 (USD 8247) for the bi-fuel model only, cheaper than most of the diesel models on offer.

(This article compiled using information from Volkswagen)

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