Broadwind-Safe to Commence CNG Compressor Packaging in North America

| USA, Cicero IL
SAFE SW series CNG Compressor

SAFE SW series CNG Compressor

SAFE SpA, a global manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compression equipment, with an installed base of over 3500 compression packages world-wide paired up with Broadwind Energy late last year to form a strategic partnership around delivering CNG compression packages to the North American market. The companies will now commence manufacturing of two compression packages, which will feature 250 HP motors, an inlet pressure range of 15-45 psi and 540 SCFM output.

Packaging will take place at Broadwind Energy’s Texas facility with completion scheduled for early June. “This is an important step in our growth plans for North America. We are building the stock packages to allow customers the ability to see the features of our equipment first hand and demonstrate our commitment to delivering a high quality turn-key compression packaged in North America,” said Joseph Reisinger, Vice President of Product Management at Broadwind Energy.

“We are interested in leveraging our experience in CNG throughout the world to deliver reliable and cost effective CNG compression solutions to meet the growing demands of the U.S. market. Partnering with Broadwind Energy enables us to assure customers that spare parts are readily available and a nationwide service network stands behind the product line,” states Mario Pirraglia, President of SAFE North America.

(Source: Broadwind-SAFE)
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