Bolivian Government Supplies 200 CNG Engines for Santa Cruz Buses

| Bolivia, Santa Cruz

Toyota Coaster converted to CNG, Santa CruzThe government of Bolivia has delivered 200 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines to the city of Santa Cruz for Toyota Coaster transit buses used for public transportation. 120 have already been installed. The new engines will reduce operating costs for vehicle owners, reduce pollution and reduce the cost of diesel subsidies for the government.

“The Santa Cruz transportation is very grateful to President Evo, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and the¬†Executing Agency for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion (EEC-GNV) for the delivery and installation of these engines that will benefit the people of Santa Cruz,” said Roger Gonzales, Executive Secretary of the Federation of Santa Cruz Drivers.

The Vortec CNG engine manufactured by General Motors is 4300 cc, 120 HP and weighs about 100 kg less than the diesel ones, and offer three CNG tanks of 70 cubic meters to run about 250 km. The motor also features a comprehensive diagnosis system for easy and economical maintenance.

The dedicated CNG engines are certified by Bureau Veritas to ISO 15500 standard – fuel system components and Euro 4 emissions standard.

According to the EEC-GNV, a driver of a diesel-powered Coaster will reduce annual costs of BOB 54,000 (USD 7,815) per year for fuel to about BOB 26,0000 (USD 3,763) using the new CNG engine.

(Source: EEC-GNV)

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