Bolivian CNG Conversion Program Restarts in August

| Bolivia: Tarija | Source: el Periódico
CNG-powered minibuses in Tarija

CNG-powered minibuses in Tarija

The Bolivian Government through the Ministry of Hydrocarbons will resume its vehicle conversion program in August, transitioning public transportation vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), reports media service el Periódico. Different alternatives for cost reduction are being introduced by Freddy Castrillo, the Secretary for Hydrocarbons.

A fund of approximately USD 2.75 million will be utilised to optimise the cost of conversions after it was determined that previous programs had an unnecessarily high cost factor. The intention is to reduce costs by between 20 and 30 percent. Current conversion costs are between $800 and $950.

Castrillo estimates 550 conversions will be carried out in the department of Tarija during the next stage of the long-running program.

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