Bolivia Sets Monthly Record for CNG Conversions

| Bolivia

Bolivia’s drive to increase its natural gas vehicle (NGV) population continues with a new record being set for the number of conversions in one month – 5,579 for October, far surpassing the previous record of 3,000 set in April this year. Chief Executive of the Implementing Entity Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV-EEC), Carlos Asport, explained that by year end, a total of 20,000 vehicles will have been converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) in 2011.

Of the 5,579 conversions 3,180 were performed in the city of La Paz, 978 in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba 800, 311 Oruro, 310 Sucre, and the remainder in other cities.

The increase was in large due to the NGV-EEC stimulating an increase in the number of conversion workshop, with 10 more coming online before October. Additionally, the government has procured thousands of CNG conversion kits to ensure there is sufficient supply to maintain the rate of changeover to cleaner fuel.

For the next administration period, the EEC-GNV has plans to carry out 34,000 conversions across the country. Further diesel-to-natural gas projects are also being planned for next year, Asport explained.

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy press release)

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