Bolivia Plans 20,000 CNG Conversions

| Bolivia, La Paz

Bolivia CNG conversionBolivia’s Implementing Entity [for] Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), an agency of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, is planning a program of 20,000 conversions of vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas. “We have already acquired the cylinders and kits for moving to our regional warehouses and will then distribute them to the conversion workshops,” said EEC-GNV Executive Director Alejandra Huaylla.

The purpose of the EEC-NGV is to contribute to the change of the energy matrix in the Bolivian vehicle fleet, working on the mass use of NGV.

“For the present management we have programmed to promote the re-qualification program, as a result of the implementation of the conversion program that is being carried out. It is necessary to meet the growing demand for cylinder re-qualification and maintenance of kits to carry out more than 36,600 services throughout the country,” the authority explained.

Since the creation of the EEC-CNG management entity in 2010, to date more than 135,000 converted vehicles were achieved. Special emphasis is placed on the public transportation sector.

(Source: EEC-GNV)

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