Bolivia Performs Over 27,000 CNG Conversions in 2014

| Bolivia, La Paz

CNG Conversion Workshop in BoliviaBolivia’s Director General of the Executing Agency for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion (EEC-GNV), Hernán Vega, has reported to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, that 27,141 conversions to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) were carried out to public, private and state vehicles. Since commencing the NGV Conversion Program in 2010, 108,817 free conversions have been carried out.

“The Executing Agency for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion has been working hard on changing the vehicular energy matrix in the country’s transportation to massively consume what it is domestically produced, i.e. natural gas. The whole conversion process is completely free of charge thanks to the resources of the Hydrocarbons Nationalization fund and, as a result, all national fleet owners should make the transformation,” said Vega.

The national CNG-converted fleet generates more than USD 80 million in savings toward the resources that the state spends to subsidize liquid hydrocarbons. The entire fleet using CNG as fuel generates over USD 250 million savings to the national treasury.

Furthermore, the price of CNG for the consumer is only 50% of gasoline, on an equivalent basis. According to Vega, “A vehicle owner previously spending spending 100 bolivianos in gasoline now only spends 45 bolivianos on CNG to travel the same route.”

To facilitate the mass change of vehicular energy matrix, the EEC-GNV has over 250 workshops authorized and certified to perform the conversion to CNG.

(Source: EEC-GNV)

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