BMS GmbH Opens 2nd LNG filling station in Germany

| Germany: Munich | Source: BayWa AG

BayWA LNG Station NordlingenBayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH (BMS) has now put a second LNG station (liquefied natural gas) into operation in Nördlingen, Bavaria. It is located at Markhamstraße 2 in the industrial area of Am Steinernen Mann in North Rhine-Westphalia, where BayWa already offers diesel and petrol at its automatic filling station that opened in 2015.

Two dispensers are now available around the clock for LNG customers. Due to its convenient location, the LNG station is particularly accessible for regional truck traffic in the Augsburg – Ulm triangle.

BayWa will put the next LNG filling stations into operation in the Bavarian cities of Munich and Nuremberg in spring / summer 2020. Other locations are in the project planning phase.

LNG causes up to 15 percent less CO2 emissions than diesel. In addition, engine noise is around 50 percent lower, and the release of fine dust is even up to 95 percent. The emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxides is almost completely avoided.

BayWA 1st LNG Station Wolfsburg

BayWA’s 1st LNG station, located in Wolfsburg.

Due to the lower consumption and the lower fuel costs compared to diesel, the LNG is also economically viable if the trucks have a correspondingly high mileage.

The Federal Ministry of Transport has approved heavy-duty vehicles powered by natural gas (CNG and LNG) be excluded from paying a toll. The amendment to the Toll Act runs from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2020. Depending on the weight class, savings range from 9.3 to 18.7 cents per km.

After 2020, NG trucks would be exempt from paying certain toll components, i.e. the environmental fee (for air pollution).

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