Blue Corridor Rally 2017 ‘Iberia – Baltia’ Starts Sept 18 in Lisbon

| Spain, Lisbon

Blue Corridor 2017 MapIn less than three weeks the 11th annual natural gas vehicle rally “Blue Сorridor-2017: Iberia – Baltia” will kick off from Lisbon. The city will host the flag-off ceremony on September 18. From there, the participants of the rally will drive to St. Petersburg where the grand finish, timed to St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, will take place on October 5th. Natural gas vehicles will cross the whole Europe from its South-West to the North-East, overcoming the distance of more than 5.5 thousand kilometres.

This year the rally is focused on the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a motor fuel for trucks. A series of round tables and events for press are planned on the caravan’s route towards St. Petersburg. In Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Ulm, Berlin, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg representatives of the gas industry and transport companies, vehicle manufacturers and government officials will gather to discuss technological and legal aspects of the use of natural gas in transportation as well as environmental, economic and social benefits of this kind of fuel.

Besides trucks using LNG, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles will also participate in the rally.


The Blue Corridor Rally was originated by Gazprom Group in 2008. Since 2010, the German company Uniper SE and other prominent European gas and auto-market stakeholders joined the project, expanding Blue Corridor internationally. During the recent decade of the Blue Corridor project over 170  factory built CNG and LNG vehicles have driven more than 40,000 kms across 22 European countries, visiting 110 cities from Yekaterinburg to Brussels and from Gothenburg to Sochi.

The rally is traditionally coordinated by Gazprom Export LLC and Uniper SE. Since 2015 Gazprom gas engine fuel LLC has joined the coordination team.

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