Blue Corridor 2017 Rally to Focus on LNG for HGVs

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BC2017_Route002A4Coordinated by Russia’s Gazprom and Germany’s Uniper SE, the 2017 Blue Corridor NGV Rally has emerged from early planning to reveal the likely route and defined purpose, being to draw attention to the development of LNG as a viable fuel alternative for heavy goods vehicles in Europe. Named “Blue Corridor – 2017: Iberia – Baltia”, the natural gas vehicle convoy will take two weeks to travel from Spain to Russia.

Blue Corridor 2017 is the 11th in a series of NGV rallies that have been organised since 2008, highlighting applications of CNG & LNG for various modes of transportation. This year’s rally will focus on how it is possible for fleet operators to already transit some of Europe’s major transportation routes (from the Atlantic to the Urals) using Liquefied Natural Gas.

Organiser Eugene Pronin explains: “Now we believe it is time to emphasize the importance of LNG for long distance trucks and tractors. Environmentally responsible fleet owners are already operating LNG trucks today. Although the European LNG filling network is still in its infancy, goods may already be moved across Europe from Portugal to Russia.”

The event will kick off from Lisbon on September 20 and finish in Saint Petersburg on October 4 during the opening ceremony of the 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF). Participants will drive from Portugal to Russia via Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russian exclave province Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and to mainland Russia again. The route will be closely aligned with existing LNG infrastructure.

Organisers plan to invite LNG trucks and tractors from vehicle manufacturers, dealers, gas and transportation companies to participate in the LNG Blue Corridor – 2017.

Round tables along the route will provide opportunities for representatives of key players to share every-day experiences and vision of the future. Free LNG truck drive test will crown the Rally in St. Petersburg during the Gas Forum.

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